OneKing 2023 June Israel Intensive

JUNE 15-JUNE 23, 2023

Join us for an unforgettable journey into the past, present, and future of the controversy over Jerusalem, the covenants, and the nations.

Join us in Israel during the 75th anniversary of the modern State of Israel. It will forever change how you see Israel and the Middle East.

Right now Israel is the least controversial it will ever be. In the days ahead the controversy will increase. Now is the time to get biblical understanding. Come to Israel with us in summer 2023 and let the biblical narrative transform the way you understand Israel and the Middle East.

An Unprecedented Moment

The Bible describes God’s majestic plan to redeem the nations, and that narrative focuses on the person Jesus, the city of Jerusalem, the nation of Israel, and the region of the Middle East. These Bible describe real events that have taken place and will take place in real locations and when you study those passages in those locations you will never read those passages the same way again.

History is building to a grand crescendo as the focus of the nations begins to return to the place where it all begin-and where it will all end.

We live in a generation unlike any other generation. A global controversy is gathering around Israel for the first time in history. The church is poised to reach every people group with the gospel. Night and Day prayer is filling the earth. All of this is happening on a global scale for the first time in human history leading to one question: how does the global church relate to all of this in a Jesus-centered way?

The Israel Intensive is a unique opportunity to simultaneously grow in depth in the Bible and in understanding of how the Bible applies to the modern Middle East.

This generation will be required to answer some serious questions:

  • What is a biblical understanding of Israel and the Middle East?
  • Why does this regional conflict have global implications?
  • What is the biblical narrative about this conflict and how will it be resolved?
  • What role does the global church play in Israel and the Middle East?

The OneKing Israel Intensive is an immersive experience for young adults into the very heart of the Middle East. Come encounter the untold story of what God is doing in the Middle East and prepare for what He will do

The Experience

The Israel Intensive is a unique experience that includes:

  • A chance to encounter the “untold story” of what God is doing in Israel and the Middle East by encountering what God is doing through believers in the land.
  • A tour experience designed to make the biblical narrative come to life.
  • Focused sessions to help you grasp the modern Middle East.
  • An invitation to play your part and equip others to play their part in God’s redemptive purpose for Israel.

Ancient Israel and the modern Israel will come alive together as we travel through Israel with leaders from OneKing and learn from local believers. You will hear the untold story of God’s work in Israel and the Middle East and seriously examine what the Bible says about the days ahead. Come ready to study the Bible like never before and build new relationships with attendees from around the world.

Come ready for an unforgettable adventure. You will never read the Bible the same way again, and you will never see the world the same way again.

You have a chance to ask the hard questions and the Bible will come alive as we consider what God says about the future and experience the present power of the gospel in the midst of modern challenges.

We will experience modern Israel and encounter the land of the Bible including locations such as:*

  • The Hills of Galilee
  • A boat ride on Sea of Galilee
  • The Synagogue of Capernaum
  • The Sermon on the Mount
  • Megiddo
  • The Lions Gate
  • The Pool of Bethesda
  • Valley of Armageddon
  • The Jordan River
  • The Gideon Springs
  • The Old City of Jerusalem
  • The Mount of Olives
  • The Wailing Wall
  • The Garden of Gethsemane
  • Golgotha
  • The Garden Tomb
  • The City of David
  • Mount Zion
  • Nazareth
  • Mt. Carmel

2023 Schedule

June 15 – Arrival and transfer to Galilee
June 16 –18 – Galilee, the North, and the Coast

June 19 – Dead Sea and the Wilderness

June 20-23 – Jerusalem and Judea
June 23 – (Evening) Transfer to the Airport for Departure

*Note tour locations are subject to change.

Registration Information

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Registration Details:

Registration covers all traveling expenses in Israel but does not include flights.

Meals: Registration includes all meals (three meals a day) during the intensive.

Tips: Registration includes all tips for tour guides and bus drivers.

Transportation: Registration includes all transportation within Israel.

Lodging: Lodging rates are for double occupancy. Attendees may indicate a preferred roommate. Attendees who do not indicate a preferred roommate will be matched with a roommate of similar age and gender. 

Additional Costs: Attendees must purchase their airfare. Attendees may want to bring money for extra water bottles and snacks (Attendees are encouraged to bring water bottles which can be refilled at meals.) Attendees may wish to purchase travel or health insurance.

Flight Information: The official group flight arriving in Israel is Delta DL234 which leaves New York (JFK) on the evening of June 14th and arrives in Israel on June 15th around 5:35pm. The official group flight departing Israel is Delta DL235 which leaves Tel Aviv on the evening of June 23rd at 11:55pm. Attendees are encouraged to book an itinerary that includes these flights, but are free to purchase airfare from any carrier they wish (for example to save on airfare or if not flying from the US). If attendees book with another carrier, they must make sure to arrive at or before the arrival flight time and to depart at a similar time to the departure flight because transportation to and from the airport is based around these flights. If attendees book flights that do not arrive or depart at the scheduled time, or run into other travel issues or delays, they will be responsible for the cost of transportation to and from the airport (we can help you arrange for this, but the cost is not included in registration). If there are any questions please contact us.

Registration fees may be paid in the following ways:

  • Pay Entire Registration ($2,250)
  • Pay a $USD 500 Deposit – The deposit reserves your place with the balance due according to the payment plan below.

Attendees who pay the $USD 500 deposit can pay the remainder of their registration at any time, or follow the following payment plan:

  • At least ½ of total amount by March 31, 2023
  • At least ¾ of total amount by April 30th, 2023
  • Paid in Full by May 30th, 2023

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